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user-friendly and beautifully designed supply pedestals for power and water with smart and straightforward solutions for consumption payment make life easier for sailors visiting your marina.

colonnine per marine TallyKey

The intuitive user interface in Tallykey’s self-service supply pedestals provides easy and quick access to both power, water and payment and reduces the administrative work for management and staff.

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The production includes:

colonnina T1 TallyKey

T1Tallykey T1 supply pedestal is a simple and safe pedestal that provides power supply for guests.

The T1 refueling column, through its unique and timeless design language, adapts to the surrounding environment of any marina

– 2 electrical sockets,
– 16A single-phase,
– electrical socket protected by a combined relay,
– designed for wall / pole mounting,
– various solutions for the payment of consumption.

colonnine T4 marina TallyKey

T4Tallykey T4 is a user-friendly supply solution for power and water in marinas. It is elegant and very simple to use.

The model offers soft LED lighting so your guests can orient themselves at night, creating a unique atmosphere throughout the marina.
– 1-4 electrical sockets, up to 63A from 1 to 3 phases,
– electrical socket protected by combined relay or HPFI and switch,
– possibility for mounting taps and hose connections,
– elegant LED lamp,
– supplied with standard flange for solid surfaces, e.g. concrete, wood,
– various solutions for the payment of consumption.

colonnina T6 TallyKey

T6Tallykey T6 is of exceptional quality in an elegant and innovative design.
The model is manufactured from weatherproof and extremely robust aluminum and as such maintenance free.

It has a LED lamp, providing moving and ambient light in a marina.
– 1-4 electrical sockets, up to 125 A, from 1 to 3 phases,
– electrical socket protected by automatic fuse and HPFI relay,
– three different solutions for payment of consumption,
– lighting with 1 or 2 low-energy 11 watt lamps. It is possible to replace them with 6.5 watt LED.

gestionale TallyBee - TallyKey

TallyBee software based on the experience in the management of marinas and ports regarding monitoring the consumption of electricity and water.

Real-time overview and management of data on the electricity and water consumption of your columns.
– the system is synchronized in real time,
– remote reading and control of all selected electrical outlets on docks and moorings,
– easy access to all information via PC.

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