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La Limit Plus Ltd is a company that operates in the sector of handling machinery for marines and shipyards and is the official distributor of the best brands in the nautical sector:

ASCOM Spa manufacturer of self-propelled Boat-Hoist, stationary cranes and forklift trucks for the storage of boats,
ABI Trailers Srl manufacturer of motorized trolleys for the transport of boats,
Floatex Srl manufacturer of floating material for the marine sector, both coastal and offshore,
MMVP – Mobile Marine Vacuum Pumps a big novelty in the nautical sector in discharging liquid waste from boats and more. Today, our sales activity has expanded to the entire Mediterranean area. Thanks to the experience gained over years of work, we are able to deliver the machines and equipment to all European marinas and shipyards.

In recent years, Limit Plus Ltd, in addition to being the official distributor of the best brands in the nautical sector, has created a specific sector for the purchase/sale of multi-brand used products (boat-hoist, trailers, forklifts, jib cranes, crane trucks, etc. …) obtaining excellent results, with full customer satisfaction.

All products have a guarantee and come from European Community countries.

  1. Travel-Lift
  2. Trailer
  3. Fork-Lift
  4. JIB-Crane
  5. Crane-Truck