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ABI Trailers – Ascom Spa trailers division,
The quickest and most intelligent solution for handling boats, solving all transport needs and exploitation of parking area in the most efficient way.

ABI Trailers Srl is a family business established in 2002, based in Formigine, in the province of Modena, in northern Italy.

It is the Ascom Spa division for the handling of boats in nautical and marine yards.

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photo of ABI Trailers Srl headquarters

The production consist of:

  • MBT is a self-propelled trailer that makes boat handling the fastest and the smartest solution.
    • also available in MBTO street configuration,
    • customizable dimensions,
    • hydrostatic transmission with proportional control,
    • tailor-made hydraulic steering system for all wheels,
    • self-leveling and anti-twist,
    • fixed and/or mobile pads,
    • wireless remote control.
  • AQUATIC (NEW) is an amphibious self-propelled trailer that allows launching and hauling of catamarans.
    • variable width opening,
    • hydraulic pads,
    • external forks,
    • pistons with 500mm stroke,
    • extensions for sailboats,
    • remote controlled lights for night use.
  • TBT are trailers on tires for boats towed and the hydraulic power is supplied to the trailer by a tractor.
    • customizable dimensions,
    • suitable tow hook.
  • KT are amphibious trailers for boats towed on tires and hydraulic power is supplied to the trailer by a tractor.
    • features same as for TBT model.

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logo Ascom Service

ASCOM Service is a service that quickly finds the necessary solutions to meet the customers’ requirements; it is ready for work, fast in operation and can often resolve issues by a simple phone call.

photo Ascom Service technical group

ASCOM Service is a fully manufacture-independent structure which guarantees the optimal after-sale service; the structure consists of fifteen specialized workers and coordinators who provide technical support and maintenance of ASCOM lifting or ABI transporting equipment.

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