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Ascom Spa,
was founded in 1972 and is the holder of ISO 9001/2010 Quality System certificate that guarantees the high quality of standard products.

The Company is specialized in development and manufacturing of equipment for lifting and transportation of boats in nautical branch, both standard (as per catalogue) or personalized (as per technical demands of any client).

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Production includes:

  • Travel-Lift are lifting and transport systems in the nautical sector. They are identified as BHT model (standard) and ATS model (amphibious), they have a capacity that varies from 25 to 1200 tons,
  • JIB-Crane is a sophisticated jib crane for storage, repair and simple handling services at reduced costs, with a capacity of up to 80 tons.
  • Fork-Lift are forklifts for marinas that allow space saving and optimization of marina management.
    Thanks to the negative travel of their forks, the boats can be easily winged and launched at both low and high tide.

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travelift standard - Ascom Spatravelift standard - Ascom Spa-1travelift standard - Ascom Spa-2travelift standard - Ascom Spa-3travelift extension - Ascom Spatravelift extension - Ascom Spa-1travelift extension - Ascom Spa-2travelift ATS - Ascom Spa-1JIB-Crane - Ascom SpaJIB-Crane - Ascom Spa-1JIB-Crane - Ascom Spa-2Fork-Lift stoccaggio - Ascom SpaFork-Lift in alata - Ascom Spa

In addition to the production of lifting equipment for the naval sector, Ascom Spa has introduced the ABI Trailers Division, thus completing the offer for the handling and storage of boats in shipyards.

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ASCOM Service Service is a service that quickly finds the necessary solutions to meet the customers’ requirements; it is ready for work, fast in operation and can often resolve issues by a simple phone call.

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ASCOM Service is a fully manufacture-independent structure which guarantees the optimal after-sale service; the structure consists of fifteen specialized workers and coordinators who provide technical support and maintenance of ASCOM lifting or ABI transporting equipment.

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